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Every month Nuda hangs out with creative souls and reveals their secret sources of inspiration and self-expression.

April’s muse is Tina. In Nuda lingerie, she feels like a French film heroine, free to create her own story every day. She may be wearing a simple outfit, but underneath – she always has eye-catching lingerie ;)

Why Tina chooses Nuda lingerie? Read the full interview below.
Tina, can you share with us what you do? How are you evolving in life and what are your mission and values?
— I don't confine myself to a single pursuit. However, everything I engage in revolves around beauty and aesthetics. It's vital for me to create and share beauty with others, be it through traveling across Georgia, organizing events, or crafting items like jewelry, bags, and culinary delights. Above all, my creations must be visually stunning, which in turn brings me joy and eventually, financial reward. My mission is to live a blissful life, savoring the journey rather than fixating on the ultimate goal. This isn't always achievable, but it's something I strive for. After all, true life can only be experienced and felt in the present moment, whether it's filled with happiness or sorrow. My core value lies in finding equal happiness in a tent at the foot of the mountains and a five-star hotel by the ocean, while being able to afford both experiences and feeling truly free.
How much time do you spend at home, and what does this space mean to you? How do you express yourself within your personal environment? What are your favorite activities outside of the home, and is there room for creativity?
— I have a deep appreciation for comfort and beauty. By personalizing my home to my liking, it becomes my sanctuary and source of strength. I often prefer a candlelit dinner at home, prepared by myself, rather than an evening out at a bar. To create a cozy atmosphere, I incorporate plants, mirrors, candles, and my own paintings. I'm passionate about crafting with my hands. During the pandemic, a friend and I launched a mask brand because we wanted to wear something beautiful. I also enjoy knitting, embroidery, weaving, and drawing – for me, creativity is a form of meditation. Cooking is an art and a means of self-expression as well. I love preparing visually appealing dishes and ensuring they're delicious. Additionally, I adore traveling and discovering beautiful places to recharge my soul.
What or who inspires you?
— I draw inspiration from nature and the people around me. Beauty and kindness are captivating, and I enjoy observing my friends. I'm fortunate to be surrounded by incredibly talented individuals who inspire me.
Do you wear lingerie? What's your idea of perfect lingerie, and what elements should it include, such as comfort, convenience, and aesthetics?
— I have a fondness for vibrant and comfortable lingerie, which is why becoming a Nuda ambassador felt like a natural fit. I primarily wear panties and pay close attention to their vibrancy and comfort. I also enjoy mixing and matching colorful sets, finding playfulness in such combinations. There's something delightful about wearing eye-catching lingerie beneath a simple outfit of jeans and a T-shirt.
How do you feel when wearing Nuda lingerie? What cinematic character do you envision yourself as? Why did you choose these particular sets or combinations?
—In Nuda lingerie, I embody the essence of a French film heroine. Basking in the sunlight, preparing breakfast, listening to music, and dancing to the rhythm, I feel like the protagonist of my own life story.
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