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Every month Nuda hangs out with creative souls and reveals their secret sources of inspiration and self-expression.

Terry is the muse of May. She is a creative soul and the creator of a unique brand of knitted goods. Terry has a magical touch, and her handcrafted items are designed to evoke a childlike sense of wonder. Whenever she wears Nuda lingerie, she feels like a Winx fairy, with unique powers.

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Terry, can you tell us about what you do and how you see your mission in life? How do you develop yourself?
— My life is centered around traveling, as it is also my job. I work as both a model and 2D illustrator. Additionally, I have my own brand of knitted goods called "areyouherebaby," which is still in its infancy. The idea behind the brand is very simple — to allow mature adults to feel like children again. The colors, yarn choices, and even the unconventional shapes of the items are all designed to evoke a childlike sense of wonder. After all, children don't want clothes that itch, and the brightness of the items is very eye-catching.
How much time do you spend at home? What does it mean to you?
— The concept of "home" is fuzzy for me. It is wherever my family and I happen to be at any given moment. We're always on the move, so we live out of our suitcases. But no matter where we are, having a place to call home means the world to me. That's why I always bring along some of my favorite paintings and decor – most of which I've made myself.
What are your favorite activities? Is there a place for creativity?
— Creativity is at the center of my small knitting brand “areyouherebaby”. Despite having no formal art education, I began to write, sculpt, draw, and knit at home, driven by a strong desire to engage in creative pursuits. During one of my depressive episodes, an intense desire to create something suddenly emerged, as if an invisible hand had given me a slap in the face. Since then, I haven't been able to stop.
Who and what inspires you?
— I am a feminist, and I greatly admire women. Women possess energy, passion, and calmness, making them the quintessence of beauty, talent, and amazingness in their own way. I would like to highlight Vivienne Westwood, Louise Bourgeois, Yayoi Kusama, Annegret Soltau, Bjork, and Anohni.
What is the perfect lingerie for you?
— To me, aesthetic lingerie is like perfume; it's essential. As I've gotten older, I've come to realize that things should not only be comfortable, but also beautiful. They should describe and emphasize the visual mood.
How do you feel in Nuda lingerie? What movie character do you imagine yourself as?
— I feel like a Winx fairy! Each image gave me a unique power. Fire, earth, air, water. Something magical.
What inspired you to use such eye-catching color combinations in your knitted goods?
— It's amazing that the things I knitted turned out to be the same color as Nuda lingerie. Isn't it fate? I follow a few illustrators and artists, such as Maria Medem, Vanilla Chi, and Yimiao Liu, who inspire me with their use of color and form. I tend to prefer pastel and warm shades.

I believe that sometimes it's not worth hiding your childlike naivety behind the mask of adulthood. Instead, it's better to fully embrace your desires and dive headfirst into this colorful whirlpool.
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