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In Bed with Nuda is a collection of interviews with creative souls, whom you may or may not know, but who are everywhere around. Nuda's goal is to make them the main protagonists of her story.

In July, Nuda interviewed Sasha, a creative soul whose fantasy and desire to experiment knows no bounds. She creates things that have never existed before, and her creative space is filled with all sorts of little objects, each with its own story.

For Sasha, it's important to choose underwear that is both soft to the touch and tight-fitting, since she is very active.

Read the interview below to learn more about how Sasha and Nuda became a great match.
What do you do? How do you see your mission?
— My main activities are set design and photography. I enjoy creating fragile objects and photographing them. The things I create often cannot exist in reality. It's like an expression of the fleetingness of time and the fragility of life in general. It's important for me to constantly experiment and find new combinations of forms and materials so that they can tell a story and accurately convey a feeling. My work is mostly inspired by my personal experiences, observations of nature and life.
Where do you prefer spending most of your time? Can you describe this space?
— This place is where I live and work. It's filled with various details, finds, and objects that I've either found or made myself. I could tell a story about each little thing. Sometimes I dream of having an entirely white house. Space is crucial, not just inside but also outside on the street.
The amount of time I spend at home varies and depends on my schedule. I used to spend most of my time there, except for when I took walks. However, now I often only come home to sleep. I hope to find balance soon and dedicate more time to creative projects. I enjoy doing everything from start to finish, spending time alone with myself, and traveling.
Who and what inspires you?
— Movement is inspiring. Ideas can come during a walk or dance class. People can also inspire. Despite my love for time alone, I enjoy communicating and joking with creative types. Some of my favorite artists are James Jean, Paul Gauguin, Lorenzo Vitturi, and Cho-Gi-Seok. I also find inspiration in Japanese culture and Haruki Murakami's writing.
What makes you angry?
— I become very frustrated when I'm unable to gather myself and start something challenging. However, the most frustrating thing is getting a taxi in the morning before a shoot that is either late or unable to navigate to the destination. This really needs to be
What do you value most in your underwear — convenience, comfort or aesthetics?
— I always wear underwear because it's uncomfortable without it. I prefer ones that are soft to the touch while still being tight-fitting since I am active. And of course, aesthetics are important too; it's just not the same without them.
How do you feel wearing Nuda lingerie?
— I really like this set. It has a simple design, but with a unique touch. I like that it's feminine without being too sexual. The color is also great. It makes me feel like a little girl from my paintings or a flower.
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